As a result of the PAN-LNG Project Hungary extends the accessibility of the Mediterranean Core Network Corridor (Spain – France – Italy – Slovenia – Hungary) by LNG fuelled vehicles.


The accessibility of the other two corridors, the Rhine-Danube Core Network Corridor (France – Germany – Austria – Hungary – Romania) and the Orient-East Mediterranean Core Network Corridor (Germany – Czech Republic – Slovakia – Hungary – Romania – Bulgaria – Greece) is extended to an even greater extent, by over one thousand kilometres as a result of the PAN-LNG Project. For the placement of the first five LNG filling stations to be opened in Hungary, the following benefits are taken into consideration by the project:

• LNG fuelled vehicles currently have more than 800 kilometres range;

• even the first five filling stations are capable of ensuring the entire accessibility of Hungary by LNG fuelled vehicles;

• on the one hand the filling stations are located along major transport routes and motorways and on the other hand they ensure the longest possible reach of LNG fuelled vehicles across the border.

According to the plans of MGKKE, parallel with the opening of the first filling stations offering liquefied natural gas, at least twenty LNG fuelled tuck comes into service.