Innovation and Sustainable Surface Transport (IFFK)

Purpose: to motivate domestic professionals in the field of innovation, and strengthening the relationship between domestic stakeholders and the companies involved in development.

The IFFK 2016 is the continuation of a successful conference series focusing on the following topics:

  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The development of intelligent networks. Development of innovative models and tools for the control of large scale road traffic networks.
  • Innovation to turn the surface transport to green. Environmental improvements. Newly developed energy-efficient vehicles.
  • Innovation in the development of security and safety.
  • Innovation for strengthening the Hungarian competitiveness. (Competitive product development, cost-effective production, new materials, new product models.)

The sections are designed to be in accordance with the subjects received, in the following areas:

  • Road and urban transport development, organization, management and control, software modeling results, new measurement procedures, concepts, trends and anomalies.
  • IT developments on the road traffic.
  • New techniques, technologies, materials, and improvements in road vehicle construction and in transport.
  • Municipal development, anomalies and solutions.
  • Special attention will be drawn to aspects of the urban context. The conference focuses on the reduction of air pollution caused by urban transport. Complex improvements in the following areas: New modeling – modern control – and new measurement systems.

International Committee

  • Prof. Ivan Arsie (Co-Chaire), Università di Salerno (I)
  • Prof. Michel Basset(Co-Chaire), Université de Haute Alsace (F)
  • Prof. József Bokor, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, SZTAKI (H)
  • Prof. Luc Dugard, Laboratoire d’Automatique de Grenoble (F)
  • Prof. János Ginsztler, Hungarian Academy of Engineering (H)
  • Prof. Gérard Léon Gissinger, Université de Haute Alsace (F)
  • Prof. Lászó Nádai, Óbuda University (H)
  • Prof. László Palkovics, KNORR-BREMSE (D)
  • Prof. Tamás Péter (Chaire), Budapest University of Technology and Economics (H)
  • Prof. Gianfranco Rizzo, Università di Salerno (I)
  • Prof. Imre Rudas, Óbuda University (H)
  • Prof. Olivier Sename (Co-Chaire), GIPSA-lab Department of Control Systems Grenoble (F)
  • Prof. Roger Sierens, Ghent University (B)
  • Prof. István Szászi, ROBERT BOSCH (D)
  • Prof. József Tar, Óbuda University (H)
  • Prof. Katalin Tánczos, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (H)
  • Prof. István Varga, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (H)
  • Prof. Péter Várlaki, Széchenyi István University (H)
  • Prof. Reinhart Verschoore, Ghent University (B)